Aiming for safety excellence

Without safety, not much else matters. There’s no point in building infrastructure projects if our teams are in danger while they build them.

Building a safe culture and company starts with education and training. We train our team to recognize potential hazards and how to mitigate each hazard, before they’re a threat to anyone’s well-being. Working safely is a continuous discussion and state of mind on our projects, no matter where they’re located.

In case a hazard isn’t mitigated prior to work, or if conditions change which they often do in North Dakota and Montana everyone at KLE has “Stop Work Authority.” This means that anyone can stop work at any time for any reason. Once the team stops work, they discuss what the potential hazard is, how to mitigate it, and how that hazard came to be in the first place before resuming work.

Safety is a team effort, and we’re proud to have a team that cares not just about their personal safety, but about the safety of everyone on the team including the public or anyone else who’s affected by our projects.


By eliminating, engineering, shielding, mitigating, and controlling the hazard


By learning and developing our knowledge of safety


By developing our safety program and our relationships with others


By using defensive strategies and Stop Work Authority to eradicate accidents and injuries

Safety Qualifications

We meet stringent safety qualification standards for our customers, because they expect us to. It’s an easy thing to do, because we believe it’s our responsibility to keep our people safe.

KLE has a current subscription to ISNetworld. We also offer in-house safety training for PEC Basic, General Safety Orientation, Fall Protection, H2S, excavation and trenching, spill containment, COVID-19 awareness training, Hazard Communication Standards, and first aid, CPR and much more. We also have opportunities for continuing safety education for all.

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