KLE helped build this brand-new airport, which opened in October 2019. We handled five phases of this project, including runways, taxiways, the general aviation apron, commercial service apron, parking lots, and a rental car facility.

Other than the scope of the project, a difficult portion of this job was how perfect the grade needs to be at a commercial airport facility. Compared to a normal project, we only had half as much grading tolerance on the runways and taxiways, which meant that we had to take a straight edge and walk it all the way down the runway, to ensure that our work fit within the Federal Aviation Administration’s tight tolerance requirements.

Another challenge was working with (and around) several other contractors, who were all trying to finish projects at the same time. Because the new airport had a hard deadline for opening, we had to coordinate our work with these other contractors to make sure no one stepped on each other’s toes.