This project took us to Roundup, Montana, where we replaced several outdated elements of the piping in the town’s water system, including cast-iron pipe and an asbestos-coated water main. We dug up and removed the existing system, installed new piping, and re-ran the water services out to the property line before reconnecting those lines.


Our Biggest Challenge

A significant complicating factor on this job was the fact that the water system went right down the middle of Main Street, which is also a state highway. Therefore, all of the traffic going in and out of town went right through the middle of the job site. This required heavy coordination on traffic control and also with local businesses to provide access and temporary water services. In addition, we didn’t have much room to maneuver on this tight job site.


While we were working on this project, a fire broke out at the Vintage Cafe on Main Street in Roundup. KLE’s Charlie Norman brought an excavator from the water rehab job site to demolish the burning building, providing firefighters with access to the flames without entering the building, and also helping to save the nearby structures. You can read more about this process in our blog.


End Result

All told, our crews installed 8,500 linear feet of 8” and 12” PVC pipe on the Roundup Water Rehab project. We started work on this job site in May of 2020 and finished on schedule in September.


Our two superintendents on this project — Charlie Norman and Gary Bayne — were instrumental in the success of this job. They were able to coordinate traffic control measures and utility installation while minimizing the disruptions to area businesses.