In the past year, KLE has helped ONEOK with the new construction and expansion of these gas plants in Kildeer and Keene, North Dakota. We moved nearly one million cubic yards of earth on these projects, and placed gravel by the hundreds of thousands of tons. In addition to the mass grading which was our top responsibility on this project, we also performed storm pipe installation, as well as erosion control.

The biggest challenge on these projects was the schedule, as ONEOK provided no room for error in the timing of these jobs. In fact, we kept working on these sites even while all of our other projects were shut down due to rain, which made the erosion control process quite difficult. We had to pump and transfer storm water from pond to pond, making sure all water left the site clean, and with no mud discharge.

In addition, we found 100,000 yards of undocumented coal on the Demicks Lake site. As a result, we had to safely and efficiently excavate all coal from the job site, then move in dirt to fill the void and stabilize the ground.