Over the course of several years, we performed all earthwork, underground utilities, site concrete, and building foundation work for two FedEx distribution facilities in Williston, ND. We completed work on the Ground facility in 2013, and finished the Air facility in 2017. This was another job where North Dakota’s harsh winter weather played a significant role.

With snow falling, and temperatures reaching -40 degrees, we had to place ground heaters on the building pad and work 24 hours a day. We would heat half of the job site with blankets and heaters, then flip that section over so we could bring in a truck to fill the heated side. By the time our trucks filled a foot or two, we would flip everything back over and start the defrosting process again.

Considering that this project had a 24,000 square-foot building on a seven-acre site, we spent countless hours ripping frost. Additionally, we designed the entire Air facility ourselves, and we also completed the civil engineering and surveying tasks. All told, this job included over 30,000 CY of excavation, and over 50,000 tons of imported gravel products placed.