One of the first projects KLE took on in the Billings area was the Billings Landfill job, which involved the implementation of new processing centers for the landfill. We worked as a subcontractor to Swank Enterprises on this job, which included a new weigh station, storage facilities, dump facilities, and more. KLE primarily handled all dirt work and piping for this project, as well as retaining walls and other miscellaneous services.


In addition, KLE has performed landfill capping at the Billings Landfill, which involved putting in five feet of uncompacted dirt on top of the landfill, along with sediment control measures and grass seeding. We also did a road rehab project at the Billings Landfill that involved building a secondary temporary road that was under heavy use while we installed a drainage system, put in new culverts, and repaved the street.


Our Biggest Challenge

One significant challenge on this job was coordinating multiple phases of the project with the general contractor while working on an active landfill. Not only did we have to plan our work carefully to avoid stepping on anyone else’s toes, but there were also countless cars and dump trucks visiting the landfill every day, so we had to ensure our efforts didn’t affect the landfill’s ability to remain open.


End Result

KLE’s work on the Billings Landfill included moving 400,000 cubic yards of dirt and installing 5,000 linear feet of water, sewer, and storm drain piping. In addition, we also installed retaining walls and did some asphalt paving on the landfill site. We started working at the landfill in the spring of 2019 and wrapped up our responsibilities in September 2020.


Our general superintendent Ben Everett — along with our superintendents Larry Brunmeier and Tim Pint — did a fantastic job coordinating the many moving parts on this project. Our scope of work at the Billings Landfill was pretty broad, but thanks to their efforts, we never fell behind schedule or got overwhelmed.