This project was especially challenging because the City of Billings needed to expand their landfill drop-off facilities, but they needed to do so within the same footprint as the old landfill, without disrupting the existing operations. With this in mind, KLE had to work around the existing landfill while building the new one ― then, when we finished construction, we helped the city move all operations to the new landfill, and demolished the old one.

We performed the sitework of 160,000 cubic yards of mass grading, built retaining walls, and installed 7,500 feet of water, storm, and sewer pipe. Another significant challenge was the fact that we had to build 2,500 feet of temporary detour roads while we paved the road leading to the landfill.

Overall, we were exceptionally proud of our work on this project, and the city was pleased as well. A representative from the city actually said that the new road was so perfect that “it looked like God put his finger in the earth and wiped the side of the hill clean.”