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Without projects, there would obviously be no KLE. We’ve been fortunate enough to build some awesome projects like gas plants, wind farms, new airports, landfills, and city roads. No two projects are the same, which is what makes our line of work so challenging and fulfilling. Building in North Dakota and Montana isn’t always the most straightforward, but the KLE team has figured out ways to build each of these jobs exactly as called for.

Williston Basin International Airport

KLE helped build this brand-new airport, which opened in October 2019. We handled five phases of this project, including runways, taxiways, the general aviation apron, commercial service apron, parking lots, and a rental car facility. Other than the scope of the project, a difficult portion of this job was how perfect the grade needs to […]

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Roundup Water Rehab

Overview This project took us to Roundup, Montana, where we replaced several outdated elements of the piping in the town’s water system, including cast-iron pipe and an asbestos-coated water main. We dug up and removed the existing system, installed new piping, and re-ran the water services out to the property line before reconnecting those lines. […]

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Yellowstone Bridge

Wadsworth Brothers Construction has contracted KLE to collaborate on The Billings Bypass Project, a multiphase project that will cross the Yellowstone River and connect the Johnson Lane Interchange in Lockwood, Montana, to Highway 312/Highway 87 in Billings. An additional segment will also connect 5 Mile Road with Highway 312. Led by the Montana Department and […]

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Hardin South

The Hardin-South project is a roadway reconstruction project focused on the improvement of State Secondary Highway 313 (S 313) by addressing wear and tear from seasonal loads and improving safety for all users. Additionally, the structure over Williams Coulee will be replaced and the structure over Two Leggins Canal will be maintained with new approaches […]

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ONEOK Gas Plants (Bear Creek and Demicks Lake)

In the past year, KLE has helped ONEOK with the new construction and expansion of these gas plants in Kildeer and Keene, North Dakota. We moved nearly one million cubic yards of earth on these projects, and placed gravel by the hundreds of thousands of tons. In addition to the mass grading which was our […]

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Billings Landfill

Overview One of the first projects KLE took on in the Billings area was the Billings Landfill job, which involved the implementation of new processing centers for the landfill. We worked as a subcontractor to Swank Enterprises on this job, which included a new weigh station, storage facilities, dump facilities, and more. KLE primarily handled […]

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FedEx Distribution Facilities (Air and Ground)

Over the course of several years, we performed all earthwork, underground utilities, site concrete, and building foundation work for two FedEx distribution facilities in Williston, ND. We completed work on the Ground facility in 2013, and finished the Air facility in 2017. This was another job where North Dakota’s harsh winter weather played a significant […]

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Pipelines and Water Storage Facilities

When you’re building pipeline in North Dakota, winter weather has the potential to change your plans in a big hurry. On this project, construction ran into the winter months, and we had to build some of the pipeline in below-zero temperatures with snow piling up. In order to fuse together the HDPE pipe, which requires […]

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52nd Street Reconstruction

Located in Williston, the reconstruction of 52nd Street in 2016 involved replacing an underground precast box culvert that measured eight feet by 20 feet. The culvert was in six 8’x10’ sections that each weighed 45,000 pounds each, and stretched for 200 feet. What made this job a bit tricky was that the city wanted us […]

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