Love to build stuff? Do it every day at KLE!

If you’re into building things and operating heavy equipment or you’re looking for a challenging (but rewarding) career you need to be on the KLE team. Heavy construction is an industry full of awesome projects and great people. When you work at KLE, you’re helping to build the infrastructure of society. No two days and no two projects are the same. The jobs you’ll work on include projects like airport runways, brand-new gas plants and wind farms, and laying pipe for water and sewer utilities.

Construction in North Dakota and Montana is not for the faint of heart. In the busy construction season of April-October, it’s common that you’ll average 50-90 hours per week ($$$$$). Depending on the project, your work schedule may require working six or seven days per week. The winters aren’t any easier. With the bitter cold, it’s less common to average 50+ hours each week, but occasionally there will be projects that require us to keep the dirt moving around the clock (so it doesn’t freeze).

If you’re up to the challenge of working construction in such a remote and extreme environment, KLE is the place for you. We’re more than competitive with compensation, and we prefer to promote from within. We want you to grow, both personally and professionally. Depending on what you’re looking for, KLE has full-time and seasonal opportunities available. Check out our open positions and apply today!

KLE Benefits


KLE pays 100% for our employees medical, dental, vision, long-term disability, & life insurance


Retirement plan with up to 4% company match


Vacation Payment after one year of consecutive service


Six paid holidays for everyone

Supervisor Benefits

We take care of our leaders

Why Work with KLE?

You have integrity and work hard

We believe in doing the right thing and working hard. Construction in North Dakota and Montana is not easy, so only apply if you’re up to the challenge.

You love construction

We want you on our team if you love the construction industry, and you take pride in building things. We enjoy what we do, and believe in having fun while we build America. If those attributes apply to you, then join the team!

You can grow with us

We strongly believe in helping our team grow personally and professionally, and we promote from within every chance we get.

Career Path

Want to move up? Good! We want that too, and we consider it partly our responsibility to get you there. We work with our people on an individual basis to set goals and improve on the job. But it doesn’t stop at work — we are in the business of helping our team grow outside of work as well. We even meet with our team to help with financial planning and other areas of personal progress. Work with KLE and become the best version of yourself.

Position Pay Range AVG Benefits Total Compensation
General Construction Laborer $18 – 24/hour $4 – 8/hour $22 – 32/hour
Experienced / Skilled Labor $23 – 26/hour $4 – 8/hour $27 – 34/hour
Heavy Equipment Operators $27 – 32/hour $4 – 8/hour $31 – 40/hour
CDL Truck Driver $27 – 32/hour $4 – 8/hour $31 – 40/hour
Foreman $34 – 40/hour $4 – 8/hour $38 – 48/hour
Project Engineer $1400 – 1850/week $250 – 450/wk $1650 – 2250/wk
Superintendent $2000+/week $275 – 500/wk $2260 – 3100/wk
Project Manager $115,000+ /year $14,300+ /year $144,300+ /year
Position Pay Range AVG Benefits Total Compensation
General Construction Laborer $18 – 23/hour $4 – 7/hour $22 – 30/hour
Experienced / Skilled Labor $23 – 26/hour $4 – 7/hour $27 – 33/hour
Heavy Equipment Operators $25 – 30/hour $4 – 7/hour $29 – 37/hour
CDL Truck Driver $25 – 30/hour $4 – 7/hour $29 – 37/hour
Foreman $30 – 35/hour $4 – 7/hour $34 – 42/hour
Project Engineer $1400 – 1850/week $200 – 400/wk $1600 – 2200/wk
Superintendent $2000+/week $275 – 500/wk $2260 – 3100/wk
Project Manager $115,000+ /year $14,000+ /year $134,000+ /year

KLE Benefits include:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Blue Care Plan; (KLE Pays 100% for employee only)
  • United Health Care Dental and Vision (KLE Pays 100% for employee only)
  • Life Insurance of $50,000 and Long-Term Disability Benefits (KLE Pays 100%)
  • Simple IRA Retirement Plan with Company Match up to 3%

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are the positions full-time or seasonal?
    Both opportunities are available. We are always looking for long-term team members.
  • What is your pay range?
    Our wages are beyond competitive, and we offer the best benefits in the industry! Pay is a value proposition — the more value you bring, the more value you’ll receive.
  • Can I move up in the company?
    We WANT you to move up in the company! Our goal is to help you grow with us — both as an individual, and as part of the KLE team.
  • Is there a review process?
    We have an in-depth review process that we actually stick to. 60 days after you’re hired, we’ll sit down together to discuss your performance, set goals, adjust wages, and discuss your future. There’s also a yearly review for everybody on the team.
  • How should applicants apply for open positions?
    On our website! Click on the open listings below and apply.
  • Can I smoke while operating KLE’s equipment?
    No. Smoking is prohibited on all job sites, especially in KLE’s equipment.
  • What does a seasonal position look like at KLE?
    Our busy season is from April to October, and you’ll average anywhere from 50-90 hours per week (depending on the project). If that doesn’t sound like a fun summer to you, it might be best to not apply.
  • Can I work for KLE year-round?
    Yes! If you want to stick with us all year and help build the team, we have opportunities for year-round employment.

Open Positions

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